Socially Connected – A Curriculum

– Big Brum Tie, UK –

This curriculum comprises digital resources and downloadable documents from UK activities as part of the To Be Project. We offer it as a resource for present, future and aspiring teachers, Theatre in Education and Drama in Education practitioners.

“The curriculum … can be conceived of as a series of planned events that are intended to have educational consequences” – Elliott W. Eisner, ‘The Educational Imagination’.

“’The crucible mode’ of teaching/learning is at the heart of the pedagogy of the Curriculum for Living” – Geoff Gillham, ‘Notes on a Curriculum for Living’.



Download the introduction in PDF format

Part 1. Socially connected – overview.

Download supporting PDF for Part 1

Part 2. How the teachers used the work.

PowerPoint presentation from the school.

Download the PowerPoint presentation

Part 3. A Living Question? Sharing the project.

Download supporting PDF for Part 3

Part 4. Teacher AA’s story.

Film and supporting PDF.

Download supporting PDF for Part 4

Part 5. Teacher AN’s story.

Film and supporting PDF.

Download supporting PDF for Part 5

Part 6. What the teachers and children gained from the project.

Downloadable PDF.

Download supporting PDF for Part 6

Download the PowerPoint presentation

This curriculum was created by Big Brum TIE, working with teachers and children at Benson Community Primary School, Birmingham. Big Brum TIE: Ben Ballin, Educationalist; Richard Holmes, Artistic Director; inputs from Matt Hinks, Education Partnerships Worker and Judy Woodford, Administration and Finance Manager.

The digital film was edited by John Bradburn.

The UK project used ‘Socially Distant’ by Chris Cooper as its central stimulus.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Commission of the European Union. Project number: 2019-1-HU01-KA201-06127.

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