The Well-Being Curriculum

– Engaging a whole school in Drama and Theatre in Education in Hungary, 2019-2021 –

Through the To Be project Nyitott Kör explored the great potential of working together with a group of teachers from the same school, and also with their students, on a set of events, which were gradually built on each other, and which we present through this document. The design of the project enabled us to think strategically about the partner school, involve all classes and meet nearly all of the teachers during the period of the two school years of the project (2019/2020 – 2020/2021).

Through the events Nyitott Kör’s aim was to explore together the topic of well-being and interrelated problems. These issues included the lack of motivation (students’ and teachers’) and the risk of dropout as a consequence, the set of expectations students and teachers faced in the highly formal education system, the challenges and obstacles of communication among the different actors in the school, and the nature of learning in connection with all the previous issues. We protect the partner school by mentioning it and its members anonymously through the To Be project’s resources, outputs and communication materials.

Based on the experiences with the partner school, Nyitott Kör organized an open workshop for teachers and other education workers in the autumn of 2020, where some elements of the process were tried out. This meant an improvement of the Well-being Curriculum modules, and feedback from participants also influenced the final design of the session plans we offer for practitioners through this document.

The Hungarian version of the Well-being Curricula contains a collection of competences, attitudes, skills and knowledge of teachers that were improved as a result of the process.

Download the Well-being Curriculum 3. (HU)

Visual Support for the tasks and ideas

Living and Surviving – Magnetic board (First workshop)

Favourite places in the school – Magnetic board (Second workshop)

Introducing the Story of Szasza – Teacher in Role in Hot Seating (Second workshop)

Flashback to the university class – group improvisation (Second workshop)

Flashback to Szasza’s week – moments created as gifs/boomerangs (Second workshop)

Szasza’s precious objects talking – messages for a teacher struggling with burnout (Second workshop)

The Well-being Pullover (Fifth Workshop)

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Commission of the European Union. Project number: 2019-1-HU01-KA201-06127.

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