To Be – A Living Question

– Guidebook for Drama & Education practitioners –

To To Be – A Living Question Guidebook for Drama & Education Practitioners holds relevant key concepts, strategies, techniques, rationales, comments, guidance and quotes, responses, and feedback from the participants who attended the Pilot Implementation series of events. Further chapters present important project events, outcomes, and describe how the project was unfolding and how its triggering events were building on each other with an action-research characteristic.

The primary function of this guidebook is to share the case studies compiled by the four partners, their encounters working with teachers and children, and some of the research conducted over the 29-months of the To Be project completed between 2019 and 2022. The secondary function of this guidebook is to map for the reader, chronologically, the project as a whole to show the reader the process of conducting such an endeavour in time and energy, as well as the formal structures adopted to aid the rigour and fortitude that each and every individual in each partner group contributed over the two and a half years of the project. Lastly it is important to map for the reader, the journey this project took place during one of the grimmest global events of our generation, and how it coped as the landscape which had been so familiar to us, changed for us all.

We offer this guidebook in the hope it provides the reader insight into the ground on which we stood, and the journeys trod and which we continue to tread. We hope that this insight engages and inspires teachers and drama practitioners to walk with us. Or follow us and even perhaps begin to lead the way for us, themselves, and for all the young people they work with.

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“The Guidebook is an impressive document, resourceful, but also a moving testimony of how a project and its participants had to adapt and change the course of the project with the progress of the Covid pandemic.”

/ Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, Theatre director, choreographer, actress, drama and dance teacher, IDEA president, Centre for Drama in Education and Art president, artistic director of Hleb teatar

“I really enjoyed the layout....I'm a visual learner! It encouraged me to pick and dip and was therefore a democratic experience. No bit of the work was more important than another.”

/ Dr. Gill Brigg, Freelancer, arts-based educationalist

“I like the way of reporting about the project in the Guidebook, in the form of a hypertext with lots of links to other materials, including the videos of both the presentations of the groups and of the participants working in authentic classroom situations with kids, also edited as needed, and given as source for interaction, too.”

/ Pirjo Vaittinen,Tampere University, PhD, University Lecturer (emer.), Theatre Critic and Researcher, Drama and Theatre Educator

“I appreciate the fact that the guidebook mentioned the struggle/challenges working in pandemic times. Somehow I got the feeling that we mostly pretend that all is good. Yes, we talked a lot about struggles maybe at the beginning, but now I got the feeling that we (youth workers, teachers, trainers, facilitators) should work as nothing is happening. The focus on well-being is very important. I think it is time that we stop overlooking it and focus on it not as something extra but something that should be an integral part of our lives, work, learning…

/ Ilona Olehlova, Facilitator & Trainer, Mission: Reconnect, z.s.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Commission of the European Union. Project number: 2019-1-HU01-KA201-06127.

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